Monkey on the loose has its own Facebook page

1:56 PM, Mar 4, 2010   |    comments
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  • Police look in a tree where a monkey that has been on the loose for months has been sighted.

St. Petersburg, Florida - Wildlife officers can't find him.

Trappers can't find him.

Police officers can't find him.

But apparently, you can find him on Facebook.

Wednesday around 2 p.m., a mysterious monkey, believed to be the same monkey that wildlife officials have been trying to catch for months, was spotted in a tree off 54th Avenue South near 22nd Street in St. Petersburg.

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That sighting led to a five-hour chase Wednesday, and despite the spectacle, the monkey is still on the lam.

But maybe wildlife officials are looking in the wrong places.

By early Thursday morning, the monkey had two pages on Facebook.

One is called Gomonkey Go and was created by St. Petersburg resident Kurt Thompson.

"I have been following the monkey story for the last few months, and I thought he needed a voice," Thompson said.  "I thought this was really funny, and my girlfriend agreed."

As of 6:30 a.m. Thursday, Gomonkey Go had 33 friends on Facebook.  Thompson's goal is to gain 100 friends in 24 hours.

And he's got some competition.

Someone else created a Facebook fan page called Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay.

Early Thursday morning, the page's status update read: "You think two darts is going to slow me down... Hahahahahah Suka!"

An earlier status update read: "Had a close call today but I move with the quickness......."

Under personal interests, Mystery Monkey lists "primate" as his affiliation, and "bananas" and "messing with the popo" among his interests.

Looks like the ground and aerial search for the mystery monkey may have just gone viral.


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