StripperMobile grounded, but grinding strippers will return

12:19 PM, Feb 20, 2010   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida - StripperMobile, the strip club on wheels, will not return to the streets of Tampa Friday night as originally planned.

City officials put the brakes on the mobile advertisement for the Déjà Vu gentlemen's club because of registration issues with the truck's Nevada license plate. 

During an extended conversation between the city's lawyers and the club's lawyers - described as "pleasant" by both sides - the topic of the suggestive dancing by the bikini-clad women on the back of the truck was also brought up.

PHOTO GALLERY: StripperMobile rolls through Tampa

"We discussed a compromise to alleviate the concerns expressed by some of the more conservative (people) in Tampa," said Luke Lirot, lawyer for Déjà Vu, located on E. Adamo Drive.

He said when the registration issue is corrected and StripperMobile returns to the streets, the club will respect the city's wishes for appropriate "coverage" on the women.  They will also abstain from specific "performances" through certain areas of Tampa.

"We'll modify performances based on the presumption of the demographic in certain areas," Lirot said.

But Lirot also gave credit to the city for respecting the club's First Amendment right to operate StripperMobile.  Déjà Vu agreed to limit the vehicle's operation to only bar districts after 10 p.m.

Earlier in the week, Tampa Police determined the club wasn't violating any major laws by driving around popular nightspots with the women dancing suggestively on poles and against a large Plexiglas window.

But their concerns led to a sit-down meeting on Friday afternoon with representatives from the club.  There's no word on how long it will take Déjà Vu to rectify the registration issues.

The grinding on StripperMobile was grounded once before; officials in Las Vegas not-so-graciously pushed it out of town last year.

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