Tiger Woods: Anchor says he won't be watching

10:31 AM, Feb 19, 2010   |    comments
Tiger Woods
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I won't be watching Tiger Woods' statement on Friday, I'll be too busy covering the Rays' first day of spring training in Port Charlotte.  I'll probably watch it later.  But honestly, I don't care what Tiger Woods says on Friday.

Tiger and his people are orchestrating the whole thing, just like they've orchestrated his entire image... until the accident Thanksgiving night.  It's not a news conference, since he won't be taking any questions from the close friends and colleagues who will be in attendance.  He'll be making a statement... why he just didn't tape something and distribute it to all media outlets, I don't understand.  It will be a carefully-crafted statement, probably written by someone on his staff, apologizing and announcing when he'll return to golf.

We have so many more questions, but in Tiger's world, he only answers the questions he wants to answer.

I can hear some of you now, his personal life is his own business, not the media's.  Here's my take on that:  to a certain degree, yes.  If it was just about golf, I might agree with you.  He chose to play golf, not necessarily become an international celebrity and have the world media come along for the ride.

But the part of his life that he did choose, was all those commercial endorsements.  For years, he's wanted us to buy Gatorate, Tag Heuer watches, Nike golf clubs, Accenture financial advice, etc.  The image he and his people projected for those commercials, was as a squeaky clean family man, who values his privacy.  He made that part of his life, our business.  And fame has been very profitable for Tiger, it's made him a wealthy man.

And now we know, a squeaky clean family man is the furthest thing from the truth.  He cheats on his wife, like so many other serial philanderers.

Finally, here's the scenario where I, and a lot of other media and fellow pro golfers, could be wrong on this.  If you, the public, welcome back Tiger Woods with open arms, cheering his golfing ability, and not caring at all about his personal life, then we've overhyped his personal shortcomings.  You don't care about them, just the golf. 

After all, we are a forgiving society.  And if that's the case, then I'll admit I was wrong.

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