BLOG: Shooting suspect Andre Watkins in court

12:24 PM, Feb 16, 2010   |    comments
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 Update 11:00am

Watkins's attorney Dominic Fariello tells reporter he spoke to his client about remaining calm and cordial to the judge. Fariello has represented Watkins in the past and says his client has a certain comfort level with him.

Fariello says Watkins is in pain but not from how deputies are treating him but from prior health conditions. Fariello also told reporters it's best that his client remain in jail for now.

Fariello expects the next court date will be in two weeks to a month for Watkins arraignment.

No one from Watkins family showed up for the bond hearing. Fariello says most of Watkins family lives out of town and even thouh his mother has a home in Tampa she too as left the area.

During a press conference Monday afternoon, Fariello read a statement from the family saying that Watkins has been cryigng for help for years and soceity has failed him.

Fariello asked that the public and the media not prejudge his client.

Update 10:25am:

 Watkins walks into an empty courtroom wearing leg irons, cuffs no spit hood this time and appearing much calmer than during his last court apperance.

 Judge Lefler reads Watkins his charges and refuses bond. Watkins asked if he could speak but was inaudible. Deputies quickly took him back to his cell.


Tampa, Florida-Bond hearing for 53 year old Andre Watkins begins in a Tampa courtroom.

Watkins' attorney Dominic Fariello is in the courtroom. The suspect will be seen on a video screen from a Hillsborough County jail at Orient Road. Deputies tell reporters Watkins appearance is questionable because he's been giving 4 deputies at the jail a "rough time." 

During his first appearance Sunday morning Watkins walked in restrained with leg irons, cuffs and wearing a spit hood. Watkins complained of mistreatment and cursed at the judge.

Judge Larry Lefler is presiding over the bond hearing. He recommends to Fariello that Watkins not be brought out. Fariello says he's asked his client to be cordial. The judge suggests then to give Watkins a chance and bring him into the courtroom at the jail.  We're waiting for his arrival.





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