Link between alleged shooter and intended victim

8:44 AM, Feb 14, 2010   |    comments
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Andre Watkins

Tampa, Florida-- Although it was Andre Watkins who was screaming as he was led into the Orient Road Jail, his alleged shooting spree had teenagers screaming in a Town and Country neighborhood. 

Kathya Rodriguez says she heard a boom, boom when she was standing with a group of her friends just 4 houses down from intended victim Bruce Jackson.


Rodriguez who is 12 years old says a gold car came up and stopped in front of Brucie's house and then he started shooting.


While the intended victim Bruce Jackson who has a lengthy criminal record escaped unharmed, there was concern his own children might be in danger.


According to Rodriguez, Jackson's father who was also there yelled out at the kids and told them to run back to a friend's house.


People in the neighborhood like Yohandra Garcia who lives next door, heard two shots but they can't explain why Jackson was targeted. Garcia says all the neighbors kept asking each other what happened, because they don't know anything.


And while the sheriff's department has still been trying to connect the dots in this bizarre shooting, here's one connection we have been able to put together. The home where Andre Watkins lived is just 4 houses down from where Bruce Jackson one of the men police say he tried to shoot and kill used to live. According to neighbors, Jackson's parents are still there. 


Hector Rodriguez says he never saw them together with a direct connection, but adds everybody in the neighborhood sort of knows each other. 


Rodriguez says he remembers seeing Jackson when he lived at his parent's home.


Meantime Rodriguez says that Watkins, who detectives say used several vehicles Friday night, always had a lot of different cars of his own. 


Rodriguez says   it t was shocking and it was crazy. She says they don't expect that from their neighbors.

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