Teens witness Town and Country shooting

7:52 PM, Feb 13, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida- The neighborhood where Deputies say Andre Watkins fired his gun at Bruce Jackson is one where kids hang out. Several teenagers say they saw the car drive up, saw a man get out and start firing.

According to 12 year old Kathyra Rodriguez, not only was Johnson outside, but so were his kids. Rodriguez says when the shooter got out of the car Johnson's father started screaming at the kids to run. Both Rodriguez and 13 year old Kimberly Sanbria says the man got out of the driver's side of the car, walked around to the passenger's side and then fired two shots.
While Detectives say Bruce Jackson was the intended victim, the kids in the neighborhood say they though the shooter was going after Johnson's father. There is still much confusion about why the shooter targeted his victims.

 The Garcia family, which lives next door to Jackson's home, says they heard two shots, but at first thought it was kids playing with firecrackers. They say once Sheriff's Deputies came into the neighborhood they realized something had gone wrong.

Mike Deeson

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