DeeDee Moore: "I'm deeply saddened for his family"

8:02 AM, Feb 3, 2010   |    comments
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  • Abraham Shakespeare

Hillsborough County, Florida - Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies escorted Dorice "DeeDee" Moore to a waiting cruiser and took her to jail Tuesday night. When asked if she was a murderer, Moore responded that she was not and that she was innocent.

"I'm deeply saddend for his family," Moore said of her business partner Abraham, Shakespeare.

Moore was arrested in connection with the murder of the lottery winner. Shakespeare's body was found last Thursday buried under a concrete slab on property near Plant City.

The days continue to be difficult for Shakespeare's family.

"Now my baby brother dead over a... lottery ticket," says Robert Brown, tears streaming down his face.

Brown is the older brother of Abraham Shakespeare and he says there will be no peace in his heart until Shakespeare's killer or killers are caught. "Everyday I wake up and hear my brother saying 'Robert, help me,' like it was when he was a little boy."

Reached by telephone Tuesday evening, Shakespeare's best friend, Eddie Dixon, says he was glad to hear of the arrest. "They're doing the right thing," he said of investigators.

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