Bay area Haitians listening to Radio Lumiere

12:30 AM, Jan 23, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -  Haitians living in the Tampa Bay area are trying to stay connected to what's going on in Haiti, minute by minute, but they're not just watching the tragic images on television -they're also listening to the radio.

Radio Lumiere FM of Tampa WBVM 90.5 has been on the air now for about four years. The station is located at 6506 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa. Pastor Jean Lyonel Narcisse is an administrator at the station and has his own show that airs on Friday's from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. called "Serve 4 Serve Ministries."

"We are here. We are broadcasting in Creole, sometimes French, sometimes [in] English," he says. 

But since the earthquake, more Haitians in the Bay area are now tuning in or clicking onto the internet to listen to the station. Narcisse says, "The world, not only the Bay area, but the world is listening to us."

The station offers a mix of talk about current events, education and politics, and D.J.'s play gospel music too, but lately the emphasis has been on covering the earthquake that rocked Haiti. Narcisse says, "We have only one station alive after the earthquake. The signal FM in Haiti and we link on that station."

And it's through that link that Narcisse made contact with his own 27 year old daughter in Haiti who was listening on the other end. He says Josephine isn't hurt but she is homeless now after her house collapsed. She was outside when the earthquake hit and has nothing but the dress she was wearing.

At Family Cuisine Haitian restaurant, which is located at 3001 North Florida Avenue, customers and workers listen to a radio in the corner daily while encouraging people who walk through the door to donate money and supplies to send to Haiti.

Yves George owns the restaurant and says, "TV gives you more of an image, the vision, but radio is in your own language. You might not understand what they're saying [but] you don't have to have someone translate or comment to someone else. You know what they're saying. You know that they mean."

Radio Lumiere FM of Tampa is broadcast in digital format over two way radio so you have to purchase a special receiver in order to listen. You can call the radio station at 813 600-5013 or 813 406 7092 to order one which cost between $30-$35 each.

You can also listen to the radio station online by clicking here.



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