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2:23 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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Today is January 10, and every tenth of the month is 10 News Buddy Check 10 Day. We want to remind you and your friends to do a breast self-exam. Early detection saves lives.

You can also watch 10 News every 10th of the month for breast cancer awareness stories.

On Thursday, we'll have a number of great stories reminding you to do your self-exam to kick off the new year.
In the morning: Pricey isn't always better when it comes to detecting breast cancer. Why researchers say paying more doesn't necessarily lead to better breast cancer outcomes. Also, fewer people are dying from cancer, but doctors say there are things you can do to be proactive for your own health.

At 5pm: Bay area doctors have a device that may help diagnose a common condition after breast cancer surgery before it becomes a major problem. We'll show you how it works to detect what can be a debilitating side effect of surgery.

At 6pm: A new way to treat cancer may be found in mushrooms. Why some cancer patients are turning to a particular kind of mushroom for relief.

At 11pm: Are you eating the best cancer-fighting foods? What to make a part of your diet that has the best cancer-fighting properties.

Thank you for being part of Buddy Check 10 on behalf of 10 News.

Remind your friends to take part in Buddy Check 10, share your survival stories and check out our Facebook page at

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