Neo-Nazi to take the stand in own defense

10:54 AM, Dec 10, 2009   |    comments
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John Ditullio Jr.

Pasco County, Florida --  A self admitted neo-Nazi is expected to take the stand today in his own defense.

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John Ditullio, Junior is accused of breaking into Patricia Well's home in 2006 and fatally stabbing her son's 17-year-old friend, Kristofer King and wounding her.

Wells lived next door to the so-called Nazi compound where the group, American Nazi's would gather.  Ditullio was a prospective member of the group and was at the compound the day of the stabbings, according to witnesses.

One of the latest people to take the stand was one of his own, former American Nazi member, Cory Patnode.

Patnode is being held as a material witness.  Dressed in his jail uniform, he told the jury Ditullio admitted to the stabbings.

"Basically he told me, word for word, 'I killed them, killed them both, stabbed them in the face.  I didn't believe it because I'd seen her running from the house," he testified.

Today, we expect Ditullio to try to convince the jury that he is not the killer.

Among the other people to take the stand on Wednesday were King's father and a forensic scientist who says she found Ditullio's DNA on a gas mask allegedly worn by the assailant.

If convicted, Ditullio faces the death penalty.

The case recently grabbed national headlines when a judge ordered Ditullio's facial and neck tattoos covered up at the expense of taxpayers.

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