Nick Schulyer speaks, in his own way

8:52 AM, Jun 4, 2009   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - After three months of silence, the lone survivor of that fateful fishing trip back on February 28th is finally speaking out in his own way.

His words are few.

Instead, Nick Schuyler is speaking through the art on his arm, a new tattoo of a cross that stretches from his underarm all the way to his elbow.

Inside the tattoo, the initials of the friends who perished in the Gulf waters that weekend.  It is his way of remembering Will Bleakely, Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper.

A quote on the tattoo reads, "In the hour of adversity, be not without hope."

Nick has not granted any interviews to members of the media.  He is asking his family and friends to do the same and honor his request for privacy.

His father, Stu Schuyler, has spoken with several media outlets by phone and granted a brief interview after a memorial service for fellow boater, Will Bleakely in Crystal River.

As of yet, Nick has not discussed the days he spent alone at sea, not even with his father.

Stu told us, "Nick is doing well and working a lot.  He just hasn't talked about this yet.  I keep offering to listen, but he's not ready. He may never be ready."

The minutes turned into hours that Saturday, and hours turned into days as anxious family and friends waited to hear from the men onboard.

Sadly, Will Bleakely, Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper would never be seen again.

Their friend, Nick Schuyler, was able to miraculously hang on the overturned boat for nearly two days.  On his mind, he says, among other things, his mother.

His well-known quote after the accident is remembered by many.  It is one of many thoughts he said crossed his mind while in the Gulf alone, struggling to stay alive.  "I didn't want my mother to have to go to my funeral," he said, just days later while being cared for by physicians at Tampa General Hospital.

These days, Nick is laying low and encouraging his friends to do the same, especially when it comes to the harsh glare of the media attention that surrounded the aftermath of the tragic boating accident.

After requesting an interview with his son, Stu told me," I'm not sure he'll want to talk, but I'll pass along the message.  This is still hard for him."

Nick Schuyler has been pursued by numerous media outlets all over the country.  His father, Stu, joked with us about all the attention saying, "I just deleted a message from Oprah on my voicemail.  We ask that the public respect our privacy."

Nick continues to work as a personal trainer in the Bay area.

His father asks that the media and public continue to remember the family in prayer and respect the privacy that Nick is requesting. 

Melanie Brooks, 10 Connects News Anchor & Reporter

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