"He'll talk when he's ready," says Nick Schuyler's father

7:12 AM, Mar 28, 2009   |    comments
  • The Coast Guard's rescue of Nick Schuyler
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Tampa, Florida - Stu Schuyler answered the phone quietly.

No doubt his emotions were running high after the media storm surrounding his son, Nick, kicked up again on Friday.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission released a report on it's findings from an investigation dealing with a fateful fishing trip back on February 28th.

Nick Schuyler and his friends Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith and Will Bleakley got lost on a boat in the Gulf.  Schuyler was rescued  after 46 hours at sea while the others perished in the water.

We asked how Stu how he was doing.  After a moment he replied, "I'm okay. I'm about to read this report. I've only skimmed bits and pieces. I'm about to read the whole thing now."

We inquired about Nick's well-being, as the lone survivor from the trip.  Nick has not talked since he was rescued by the Coast Guard and brought to Tampa General Hopspital the Monday afternoon after the fishing trip.

That day, Nick was immediately placed into ICU under close watch after suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and pain in his legs and ankles.

He has not broken his slience, not even to his parents.

We asked Stu how Nick's recovery was going after such a painful experience. Stu told us, "I talked with him yesterday. He is okay.  He told me, "when I'm ready, I'll do the talking."  After everything we've been through and are going through, I don't know when he'll talk.  We'll keep you up to date." 

The only public appearance Nick has made was March 7th at the memorial service of his friend, Will Bleakley, in Crystal River.

Mr. Schuyler thanked the media and the public for their prayers.

Click here to read the report and learn more about the FWC investigation.

Melanie Brooks, 10 Connects News

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