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New Port Richey, Florida -- A New Port Richey woman is asking questions about Friskies Cat Food after her cat died after she started feeding it to the feline.

Kim Herget says she cries every night and is grieving over her five-year-old cat, Smokey. She says after feeding Friskies to her cat for several days, her pet got sick. Herget says she took her pet to the vet, where it was diagnosed with acute kidney failure.

Photo Gallery: Kim Herget and Smokey

Herget says she was aware there had been a class action suit involving Friskies cat food, but she thought any problems with the product had been corrected. That's why Herget says she gave the food to her pet. However, she says when the cat started getting sick, she put two and two together and concluded it was the cat food.

Meanwhile, the parent company of Friskies, Purina, which is a defendant in the class action lawsuit, says its product is safe and points out it is not under FDA recall. However, Herget still has questions about the product, saying Smoking didn't get sick in for days for no reason.

While the medical chart says that the only thing different before the kidney failure was the change in diet, the vet cannot say whether the cat food was the cause or not. In addition, Herget says the cat was so sick they couldn't get enough blood to run a test.

But since her cat has died, Herget says she has found similar stories from other cat owners whose pets have experienced the same symptoms as Smokey, including throwing up, losing hair and early death.

And while nothing will bring back her cat, Herget wants more testing done. She says these pets are not just animals, they are part of the family.

Kim Herget is mourning her loss and wants to know how many others are feeling the same pain for the same reason.

Mike Deeson, 10 News

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