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Ireland Nugent undergoes two more surgeries to help with bone spurs

12:46 PM, Aug 15, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- The little girl who lost both of her feet in a lawnmower accident earlier this year is recovering after undergoing two surgeries Thursday morning at Tampa General Hospital.

Ireland Nugent went into surgery to have her right leg reshaped so her prosthetic limbs will fit better, but after an X-ray, she ended up having to have the procedure done to both legs. 

After her surgery, her father, Jerry, spoke to reporters and said everything went well and she is doing great. However, doctors say her bone growth problems will be something she will have to deal with for the rest of her life because she is young and her body is growing.

The problems are due to the bone growing at a weird angle causing it to come out toward the surface of her skin much like a bone spur, which her father says kind of hurts her causing her to not want to keep her prosthetic legs on.

Thursday's surgery is outpatient, so she's expected to go home later today.

"This is a lot easier than the first time because that was just horrific," Jerry said after her surgeries. "This is just an ongoing process we are just going to have to live with. We got our daughter that is where we keep our mind set."

10 News is expected to hear from the Nugents and hospital staff in the next couple of hours on how she is doing and whether so will be able to go home today.

If all goes well, Ireland will be going to Orlando in a few weeks to be fitted for new, prosthetics that should be more comfortable for her.

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