Mom Squad: PARENTS! Are you breaking a Facebook rule right now?

10:00 AM, Aug 5, 2013   |    comments
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It happens about once a week.  I receive a Facebook friend request from a child of one of my good friends.  If I know they're under the age of 13, I deny and delete the request.  It's not because I'm a mean person and like rejecting little kids.  It's because I don't want to contribute or encourage someone under the age of 13 to continue to break one of the most important rules and guidelines Facebook has (per the link below).  Facebook isn't the only social media website that has the guildline.  Instagram, Twitter and even the very popular Snapchat all say you have to be 13 to be eligible to use the website.

So, in this week's Mom Squad, the moms weighed in on what they thought.

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