Alexis Testa-Yero, accused of trying to strangle wife: Judge gives clear order to man accused of choking wife in car

12:47 PM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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Alexis Testa-Yero


Tampa, Florida -- After days of keeping sheriff's deputies searching on alert and keeping his estranged wife living in terror, Alexis Testa-Yero woke up Monday morning behind bars.

The judge's order came so clear and simple, the court-appointed translator helping Yero probably could have stayed silent.

"Your soon-to-be-ex-wife," Judge Walter Heinrich said, pausing for his words to be translated into Spanish, "your relationship with her is over with."

Five days ago, deputies say Yero's estranged wife was driving her car when Yero surprised her from the back seat and pulled a rope around her neck.

The car crashed, flipping end-over-end. Both of them survived.

Witnesses said Yero bolted on foot -- on bare feet -- wearing only shorts. As the weekend weather got colder, detectives knew someone was helping him stay warm.

"Someone must have been helping him, because it looks like he left the scene with not much," said Crista Bermudez Nunez, a spokeswoman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Sunday, someone tipped off deputies and Yero's time on the run was up.

"Sure enough, when we went there, it was a family member's home. And he ran to a shed not on the family member's property. We had to use K-9s to find him and eventually take him into custody," Bermudez Nunez said.

Judge Heinrich set Yero's bond at $15,000, but he made it clear no one could release Yero from jail until at least 6 p.m. Monday night, to give prosecutors time to add more charges if they wanted to.

However, deputies told 10 News they don't plan to ask for more charges, because they agree with prosecutors that an aggravated battery charge is the only one they have the evidence to prove.

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