Valentine's Day: Local florist has almost 700 deliveries before the holiday rush

12:18 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - Business is booming for florists on Valentine's Day. Last year, 224 million roses were given on the holiday. 

Employees at The Flower Centre in St. Petersburg were creating arrangements until midnight on Wednesday and returned bright and early Thursday to continue.

The Flower Centre manager, Bruce Wilson says the store has about 700 deliveries before the holiday rush. He says roses are the most popular, but any flower will convey love.

"They say everything you can't, that you're scared to say or won't say. So, if you give someone flowers it's that whole, sentimental feeling."

Valentine's Day is the biggest single day for flower shops.

For all your procrastinators, you still have time to get something special for your special someone.

Wilson says to come early and bring your patience.

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