Try It Before You Buy It: The Perfect Lemonade Maker

12:59 PM, Jan 22, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, FL -- Fresh lemonade is always a refreshing drink year round but making a pitcher of it can involve a little work.  Try It Before You Buy It team member Marisa Langford cut up some lemons and put The Perfect Lemonade Maker to the test.

The Perfect Lemonade Maker is an electric two quart pitcher with a built-in juicer and stirring paddle.  You can mix your favorite citrus fruits while mixing ice and other ingredients at the same time.  It includes a serving cover that replaces the top for easy pouring and storing.

Marisa liked the ease of making her lemonade all in one container. With the marked pitcher it was easy to pour in the right amount of water and with the adjustable strainer you can decide how much or how little of the pulp you want in your drink.  And when you've finished off the pitcher, cleaning it was easy.  Marisa gave The Perfect Lemonade Maker two thumbs up. 

We purchased The Perfect Lemonade Maker for $17.99 at Tuesday Morning.  It can sell for as much as $30, so it pays to shop around both locally and online.

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