Hillary Clinton comes to Tampa to speak at the Special Operations Forces gala dinner

12:38 PM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave the keynote speech at the 'Special Operations Forces Gala dinner' Wednesday night. There were about 1,300 people in attendance.

In her speech she says that Special Operations Forces exemplifies "smart power." The purpose of the dinner was to discuss common global challenges like fighting terrorism and fighting insurgencies.

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Clinton thanked military members for their efforts and commitment and making the long trips across the globe.

"We need a global effort to defeat a global terrorist  network," she said in her speech.

She also spoke to the evil of global terrorism and how it's defeated. "To defeat a terror network, we need to attack its finances, recruitment and safe havens." She also believes we need to "take on its ideology and diminish its appeal, particularly to young people."

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