We reveal the best days of the week to shop and save

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St. Petersburg, Fl. - It's not always easy to find the deepest deals on your favorite items. But what if there were certain times to shop and save? Well, there are and we're spilling the secrets.

There's nothing quite like a great sale. That exhilarating feeling when when the grand total rings up way under the price on the tag. Unless you're a shopping whiz, it doesn't come around that often. But depending on when and where you shop, it could.     

We'll start where most of us do: at the mall, International Plaza to be exact.

"If you shop earlier in the season, it is always a lot better," says Nina Mahoney. "It's just past Spring Break time, and there are a lot of things happening right now, there are a lot of family and friends sales, anywhere from 25%, 35% to 50% off."

To save heading into Summer, she says to go online and check stores for coupons and sales. That way you're prepared before you head out the door.

Find deals at International Plaza:


Now to the outlets. At Ellenton Premium Outlets there are 130 name brand stores that save you 25%-65% off every day.

Sarah Ozgun says on top of that, the stores always have sales, plus you can print coupons to tack on even more savings.

"Our VIP club shopper coupons range per store. They can range from 10% off the entire purchase to 40% off."

Getting a heads up on deep discounts keeps shoppers coming back for more.

"We get some coupons in the mail, and so we come down, bring those coupons and with the discounted rates we end up getting really good deals on Christmas presents and birthday presents and that sort of thing," says Felicia Anderson, who is a frequent shopper at Ellenton.
Speaking of the holidays, the time of year you shop will help you save too.

"We come in October. We get really good deals. We'll sign up via email through the stores and they send the coupons and I guess in the fall they have really deep discounts and then along with the coupons it's really great deals," says Anderson.

Find coupons for Ellenton here: https://www.premiumoutlets.com/vip/

It's not just the time of year. As you shop around, consider the time of week before you buy.

This outfit costs around $120, but don't buy it yet. Mondays are generally the slowest deal day, of the week.

Tuesdays is when you'll start seeing all those coupons and you can start planning for the rest of the week.

Don't forget to check online. It may be early, but 3:00 a.m. is the golden time to save.

Now Thursdays and Fridays are the days you want to head to the stores.

On these days you'll see all the deals drop in anticipation of all those weekend shoppers.

Now Saturday and Sunday you can head back to the store and get that $120 outfit for a lot less.

So with some careful planning a little bit of patience, you may be that savvy shopper, after all.

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