Predators troll the web for kids and sex

11:13 AM, Nov 12, 2012   |    comments
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Postal inspectors set up sting operations nationwide to identify, target and arrest those who produce and traffic child pornography.

In this case... the suspect took the bait.

Wylie Christopher with the US Postal Inspector says, "After responding to this solicitation, he requested more information which led to him purchasing what he believed was child pornography from us."

That's when inspectors made their next move.

Christopher says, "Once this individual placed an order for what he believed was child exploitation material. We packaged it up and we delivered it to him and once he accepted this package, we executed a search warrant of his residence.

They discovered more illegal pictures, printed images as well as digital images of child exploitation and more specifically pornography in the suspects residence.

There are many things parents can do to protect their children:

  • Familiarize yourself with social networking, file sharing and online communication sites used by your children.
  • Have computers in open area of your home.
  • Always ask questions if you sense your child is feeling uncomfortable about something.

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