EXTRA: Passports issued with fake information

10:54 AM, Nov 4, 2010   |    comments
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Washington - At the passport office in downtown Washington D.C., the gold standard for U.S. identification rolls off the presses.

Passports are supposed to be issued only after a very careful review of personal information.

But according to Gregory Kutz with the Government Accountability Office, "There were three genuine passports we received using counterfeit documents."

Kutz says his office applied for several passports using phony birth certificates, driver's licenses and questionable addresses. Five of the seven were issued.

Kutz says, "More actions are going to be necessary to prevent criminals, terrorists or whomever else wants these passports from getting them."

The head of passport services for the DC state department, Brenda Sprague says she knows the state needs to do better, but says, "they process 14 million passports this year and more forensic document examiners are needed." 

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin has introduced legislation to give the state department the tools it needs, and many believe that should help crack down on any problems.

10 News and WUSA 9 News

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