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Cell Phone Reviews: Which is right for you?

9:56 PM, Oct 4, 2010   |    comments
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TAMPA BAY, Florida - Remember when you're cell phone just had numbers and two buttons to start and stop the call?  Those days are long gone.

Now, consumers find themselves choosing between a bevy of elaborate smart phones that often have dozens of buttons - or none at all.

It's tough to keep up with all the new phones hitting the market, but 10 News researched some of the more popular models - and consulted with local technology expert Chris Rokosz - to come up with some tips to follow the next time you're in the market for a phone.

Apple iPhone - The most recognizable phone on the market is Apple's iPhone.  The near-cult following of the product has boosted AT&T's market share, but fans are clamoring for Verizon to cut a deal with Apple. 
Pros: Most applications on the market (300,000), generally more affordable than Verizon phones, silky-smooth touch-screen access to anything you'd ever want.
Cons: AT&T network not as good as Verizon's, screen and camera not as good as the Droid X.
Rokosz Sayz: "Great if you want to carry around a computer in your pocket and occasionally make phone calls."
***Widespread rumors on the Internet suggest Verizon may cut a deal to sell the iPhone in 2011.

Android - We looked at the Droid X model, although there are a number of different Droid phones available on different carries.  The Apple vs. Android debate is very similar to the Apple vs. PC debate.
Pros: Droids generally have bigger screens, better keyboards (real or virtual), and better call networks (when on Verizon).
Cons: Not nearly as many apps as the iPhone, Verizon generally more expensive than AT&T plans.
Rokosz Sayz: "The Verizon network is just superior for making phone calls."
***AT&T has recently expanded its phone line, so some Android models are available on its network too.

Blackberry - Business professionals have long relied on the Blackberry.  Although the trusty company recently launched touch-screen phones, its best known for revolutionizing the smart phone game with its phones that feature QWERTY keyboards.
Pros: Excellent email and web access, won't burden you with "luxury" features, often cheaper.
Cons: Fewer apps than its competitors, fewer "gizmos and gadgets" than competitors.
Rokosz Sayz: "Blackberry is playing catch-up to the iPhone and Droids."

Standard phone - If high-tech features and countless applications aren't necessary and you're looking for a more affordable phone option, you can still get a standard phone that primary acts as - get this - a phone.
Pros: More than 50 percent cheaper than smart phones, can still send text messages, call quality just as good.
Cons: No internet, no GPS, no awe-inspiring apps.
Rokosz Sayz: "If you drive from your house to your job, your job doesn't require a smart phone, and you drive back to your home and sometimes go out, smart phones may not be the best investment for you." 

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