Photographer's pictures worth more than a thousand words

11:02 AM, Dec 4, 2006   |    comments
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2006 Emmy Winner: Arts/Entertainment (News) 
Preston Rudie

2006 Emmy Nominated: On Camera Talent (Reporter Features/Human Interest)
Preston Rudie

St. Petersburg, Florida - Everyone has the ability to take pictures. But in order to be an accomplished photographer it usually takes a good eye... or does it?

Frank Planes has been capturing the beauty of Mother Nature for almost 10 years now. His work has graced the walls of many galleries and is currently on display at the Weedon Island Visitor's Center in St. Petersburg.

But what is amazing about Planes' photos is that he is legally blind. He lost his eyesight 10 years ago, following a stroke. Planes describes what he can see this way:

Frank Planes, Photographer:
"It's like looking through a crack in a board, and what I see is just a vertical stripe, very thin."

Planes says he hopes his work serves to inspire others with disabilities.

Frank Planes, Photographer:
"You have to get up and do something, and I try and inspire people to do something every day."

Preston Rudie, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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