Students organize to honor Calyx and Beau Schenecker

10:42 AM, Jan 31, 2011   |    comments
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  • A memorial at Liberty Middle School for Beau Schenecker
  • Powers "Beau" Schenecker
  • Calyx Schenecker
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Tampa, Florida -- Unthinkable.  Unconscionable.  Sick.

There are many words used to describe the murder of two teenagers by their own mother, but not one will help us understand why.

On Friday morning, Tampa Police found 50-year-old Julie Powers Schenecker in the backyard of her New Tampa home, covered in her children's blood.

Photo Gallery: Mother accused of murdering her kids

Police say the night before, she shot her 13-year-old son Beau as he sat in the front seat of the family mini van in the garage and then went upstairs where she shot her 16-year-old daughter as she did her homework.

Detectives say Schenecker purchased the gun the weekend before and planned to murder her children and then kill herself because she was "tired of them mouthing off."

Schenecker, who missed two scheduled court appearances over the weekend because of an illness from before she was arrested, was released from Tampa General on Sunday and made her first appearance in court this morning.

U.S. Army Colonel Parker Schenecker, her husband and father of the teens is heading back to the United States.  He was stationed in Qatar with US Army Intelligence.

Many of Calyx and Beau's friends didn't learn about what happened until they got home from school on Friday. Immediately though, they banded together to grieve, organizing memorials and creating memorial pages on Facebook.

More Pictures: Classmates remember Beau and Calyx Schenecker

Today, the teens' friends are honoring their friends by wearing Harry Potter themed clothing for Calyx and the color blue for Beau.

The school district is also placing teams of grief counselors at King High School where Calyx was a student in the IB program and at Liberty Middle School where Beau was a student.

Facebook page:  Official Calyx and Beau Schenecker Memorial

Students are also organizing a fundraising campaign by selling silver/green memorial ribbons at King High School starting Monday, according to a post on the Facebook page.

Laura Kadechka, 10 News

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