Graphic new details in killings of Lutz mom, two kids

6:44 PM, Oct 15, 2010   |    comments
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  • Edward Covington
  • Edward Covington

Tampa, Florida - In court on Friday, graphic, gruesome new details were described in the 2008 murder of a Lutz mother and her two children.

The victim's boyfriend, Edward Covington, could face the death penalty for the crimes.

With the hearing, the judge is trying to determine Covington's mental state and if the death penalty should be taken off the table.

Covington sat in court and listened as one doctor explained what provoked his attack on Lisa Freiberg's two year-old daughter.

"She was banging the cell phone on the table like a toy and he claims that he lost it.  He picked her up, threw her on the couch, and she started bleeding," said Dr. Bala Rao.

Covington claims that cell phone woke him up after a night of using crack-cocaine and drinking vodka.

When the little girl's mother woke up, Covington says he went after her as well.

"He says that he ripped her in half," Dr. Rao explained.

Covington, who is bipolar, also told doctors he cut off her son's male organ before killing him.

Covington had a hard time watching in court as his mother took the stand.

She said their family should have noticed a pattern of odd behavior and realized he needed mental health counseling early on in life.

"There's a lot of things that I see now that were inappropriate that I chopped up as being a child," Charlotte Covington explained.

The next hearing in the case in scheduled for November 15th, when more testimony is expected.

The judge says he will wait until all of the testimony is heard before ruling on Covington's mental state.

Adam Freeman

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