Sarasota inmate faces charges of reporting a false bomb

2:56 PM, Aug 17, 2010   |    comments
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Sarasota, FL -- Inmate Mark Grobmyer of Venice faces additional charges for making false bomb threats.

Grobmyer made repeated threats to the Sarasota Police Department that he placed a 350 pound bomb inside 2070 Ringling Blvd. and had a remote detonated. He then told authorities that he would detonate the bomb if he didn't see any action at the location within the next few minutes.

About 40 minutes later and threatened authorities by letting him know that he wanted a bomb squad vehicle outside the building and that he was going to call back with his demands.

The last call was made about 45 minutes later. This is when Grobmyer said 2070 Ringling will go up in a fiery explosion if he's needs are not met within 45 minutes.

Dispatch was able to trace the calls back to the Sarasota jail. Authorities interviewed an inmate who told them Grobmyer asked for his pin to make a phone call and overheard him telling them about explosives "somewhere." The inmate shrugged it off as a joke and continued playing cards.

Grobmyer denied making the calls. In addition to the charges he already was facing; robbery and grand theft auto he now adds making a false report of a bomb to the list. 


Elyce M. Grimes

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