Shakespeare's mother speaks out about new charges

7:51 PM, Feb 20, 2010   |    comments
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Abraham Shakespeare's mother spoke out today about the new charges against Dee Dee Moore.

Elizabeth Walker says she would love to see justice done for her son. Her spokesperson, Rev. H.B. Holmes, says Walker believes Moore is a calculated person and this was a premeditated attack and con on her son.

Walker was at the home of one of Shakespeare's friends when she learned about the first degree murder charge Friday night.

Shakespeare's mother doesn't feel she can say if Moore should face the death penalty if she's convicted.

"I can't say she should be killed. That's just up to God and the laws of the land. She gained my confidence in her as a friend and you meet a friend and you come to love them. It's kind of hard for you to say 'cause that love is there. But, I love my son also," Walker said.

Walker is in the process of hiring an attorney and may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against Moore for her son's death. 

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