Dash cam tapes released in murder of Cpl. Mike Roberts

8:26 PM, Dec 21, 2009   |    comments
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Cpl. Mike Roberts

Tampa, Florida -- The Hillsborough State Attorney released police dash cam video of the night Corporal Mike Roberts was gunned down at the corner of Arctic and Nebraska. It is part of the discovery from the trial of Humberto Delgado Jr, who is charged with the officer's murder.

Tampa Police say on August 19, Delgado was approached by Cpl. Roberts.  Delgado was pushing a golf cart containing weapons. When Delgado tried to run off, Roberts stopped him and the two started fighting.  Police say that's when Delgado shot Roberts.

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While the videos were made available for journalists to see on Monday, the media was not allowed to show or distribute them.  10 Connects reporter Mike Deeson offers this description of what some of the video shows:

Sgt. Otis Calhoun was the first on the scene. In the video he drives up and sees Roberts on the ground. You can hear Calhoun exclaim "Jesus!" as he drives up. Calhoun can then be heard yelling, "Hold on... hold on, brother!" Roberts can be heard groaning.

Officer Vincent Garicitano is the next to arrive, and calls for an ambulance, saying "We've got an officer down."  Garicitano begins performing CPR, and does it all the way to the hospital.

"We're with you Mike," Garicitano tells Roberts. "Stay with me, this is Vinnie."

Police radios can be heard in the video, telling officers to set up a perimeter, and then you hear them talking to witnesses.

We've all seen scenes like this on television over and over, but when you know this is real life and death, it takes on a entirely different dimension.

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