Crime Stoppers: Ex-cop murders wife and is never caught!

11:04 PM, Jan 14, 2011   |    comments
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Palm Harbor, Florida - June Mobley wasn't the type to stay out late.  In fact, most nights she was in fairly early.

She was in the midst of a painful divorce with a volatile man.

June's son would check on her each day to make sure his mother was alright.

The 49-year-old cherished her independence, but also knew when to ask for help.  If she needed anything from the attic, she would always call her son.

It was Gasparilla weekend, February 7, 1988.  June was home at the time and what happened next, detectives say, is still a mystery.

Detective Mike Bailey from the Pinellas County Cold Case Unit talks about that night and was what happened to June. "She was found lying face down on the floor of the garage," he said.

It was supposed to look like an accident, but this crime was planned carfully from the very start.

"There was no robbery there, there was no money missing, the car wasn't missing," said Detective Bailey.  "You can tell that the body was repositioned."

Detective Bailey says the two were going through a tough time in their relationship. "This divorce had gone on for 18 months and had gotten heated in the end."

Her husband, John, made threats, detectives say, and eerie promises. Detective Bailey told us, "John had made some statements that she would never see that money, that she'd be dead before she'd see that money."

John made good on that promise.

Investigators say late Sunday night,  he waited for June in the garage and, when she walked out, he didn't waste any time. Detectives say he strangled her, then crushed her skull mulpile times either on the cement or with a weapon.

According to reports, he left her jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes on, pulled down the attic stairs and placed her body at the bottom, making it look like she fell.

"They're going through a lot of trouble to make it look like a slip and fall...type of situation. When someone stages a crime scene, they have an interest in this," Detective Bailey said.

What detectives didn't know at the time was that June's husband was a retired cop from Detroit who, they say, knew exactly what he was doing.

He backed away from the crime scene since he was a forensics technician with the Piinellas County Sheriff's Office.

"He knew something had happened. He did not know it was a homicide, either. He backed himself out of the crime scene," says Detective Bailey.

So, the question here is did John Mobley kill his wife?

Detectives say he had no reaction whatsoever when they told him she died and immediately began settling her estate.

But, there was never enough evidence to charge him.

Detective Bailey says, "I'm hoping that someone from back in that time frame would have spoke to him or mentioned having done this or provided some type of cover for him in that time frame."

John Mobley still lives in the Bay area. His son basically disowned him, detectives say, after the crime. The son even changed his last name, never wanting any connection with his father.

June Mobley's life came to an end in the Palm Harbor home she loved dearly and more than two decades later, her story remains a cold case.

If you know who killed June Mobley, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS.  You can remain anonymous. 

Melanie Michael, 10 News

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