Teen arrested on birthday for choking school security officer

2:45 PM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- A student was arrested on his 15th birthday after he strangled a security officer, threatened another officer, and caused the principal of a nearby elementary school to lock down the campus.

According to reports, it all began Tuesday afternoon, when North Tampa Alternative School Security Officer Cpl. N. Wilson spotted the student, Ja' Quan Rogers at the Caminiti Exceptional Center School next door.

Rogers must not have liked it when Cpl. Wilson told him to get back to school, as the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office says he responded by shoving the female officer.

Cpl. Wilson reportedly tried to Rogers and take him into custody, but the 5'5", 150-pound teenager overpowered her, and began strangling her. 

The security officer nearly lost consciousness, but as his hands gripped her neck, Cpl. Wilson punched Rogers several times, and the teen eventually let go and ran away.

The officer's partner saw the violent exchange and came to her aid just as Rogers was getting away. He then chased after the teen, and at one point, even had to draw his weapon when Rogers allegedly threatened to throw a "large, basketball-sized rock" at him. 

Investigators say that instead of hitting the officer, Rogers dropped the rock and continued running. 

His getaway route led him to another nearby school, Twin Lakes Elementary, where a Hillsborough deputy happened to be working a security detail. The deputy blocked Rogers from getting inside, but the principal issued a school-wide lock down as a precaution. 

A hop of the school fence and it looked as if the teen could get away, but shortly after deputies set up a perimeter, Rogers was spotted trying to break into a nearby home. 

A deputy with his K9 ordered Rogers to stop, but was reportedly forced to release his dog when the teen kept running, and attempted to escape over another fence.

As Rogers climbed, the K9's teeth sank into his right leg, and the chase came to an end. 

He was arrested, treated for his dog bite, and then taken to the Hillsborough County Juvenile Assessment Center, where he remains Wednesday without bond. 

Cpl. Wilson was treated at the scene for the large abrasion Rogers left around her neck.

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