Report: Thomas Foskey Jr. fights 2 deputies and a dog during arrest

10:00 AM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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HUDSON, Florida (AP) - A Pasco County man faces numerous charges after attempting to flee from two deputies and a police dog named Ace.

The Tampa Bay Times reports deputies confronted 29-year-old Thomas Foskey Jr. on Saturday near Hudson.

Deputy Joseph Liddick warned Foskey the dog would bite him if he ran. Foskey took off and Liddick released Ace, who clamped down on the suspect's leg. Foskey continued running, pulling Ace across the road with him.

The deputy called the dog off, fearing he'd be hit by a car. He then released the dog again and he held Foskey down until help arrived. Help arrived, but Foskey elbowed Liddick. The men stumbled into a fence, flattening it. Ace then bit Foskey in the back, holding him until deputies cuffed him.

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