Inmate escapes from Tarpon Springs work release center

7:50 PM, Jan 19, 2013   |    comments
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TARPON SPRINGS, Florida -- The search continues for a convicted felon who escaped from the Tarpon Springs Work Release Center.

Officials say 22-year-old Anthony Pruitt escaped around 8:45 Friday night from the Department of Corrections center located at 566 Brady Road.

Records show Pruitt has been arrested four times in Pinellas County since 2009 on charges including drug possession, burglary, and credit card fraud.

Some residents in a neighborhood less than a mile from the center say they get nervous every time there's another escape, believing tighter security is in order. "I think they need to fence it off. Put security gates in there," James Keith told 10 News.

"I was here when someone had escaped once before and (it wasn't) such a good outcome," added Nancy Parrish.

"I think they should have fences because things are getting worse on a daily basis and people think about hurting others," said Floyd Clanton.

Statewide, the Florida Department of Corrections says 171 inmates escaped custody during the 2011-2012 fiscal year, including three from the Tarpon Springs Work Release Center.

No one from the DOC was available for comment on Saturday, but in the past they've stressed most of the inmates who escape are captured within 24-hours.

But as of Saturday evening, Pruitt is still on the run.

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