State Attorney Angela Corey prepares to release new information in the Trayvon Martin case

2:34 PM, Apr 11, 2012   |    comments
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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - The special prosecutor assigned by Gov. Rick Scott to review the Trayvon Martin shooting investigation in Sanford said she will have a major announcement about the case by Friday.

Late Tuesday evening Angela Corey released a statement that she would make an announcement on the case in the next 72 hours but she did not add any further details.

CNN now reports Corey will hold a news conference sometime Wednesday afternoon.

Martin's father Tracy said he's hoping that announcement will be that George Zimmerman, the man who killed is son, will be charged.

"We are just hoping for, within the next 72 hours that the correct decision is made," said Martin.

Sanford police did not charge Zimmerman after the Feb. 26th shooting because he claimed self defense. Under Florida's 'stand you ground' law, an individual may use deadly force if they feel their life, or the lives of their loved ones, are threatened or in danger. The lack of an arrest led to protests across the nation and spurred a debate about race and the laws of self-defense.

Corey's announcement came on the same day that attorneys for Zimmerman announced that they were withdrawing as his defense council because he is not talking with them. Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner said they lost track of Zimmerman on Sunday when he stopped returning their calls.

"I know his phone works, but he's not returning my text messages or my calls," Sonner said.

Additionally, both lawyers said he never met face-to-face with them.

As to where Zimmerman is, the lawyers said they believe he's no longer in Florida.

"Look much further away then that," said Uhrig.

During an interview with CNN, Uhrig said he didn't know if Zimmerman was still in the U.S.

"Since he isn't in my view right now I couldn't tell you exactly where he's at," said Uhrig.

"I don't believe he's going to leave the country. I mean he called the prosecutor's office this morning, so I don't think he's a flight risk," said Sonner.

Uhrig said that they had been trying to set up a meeting between Zimmerman and the special prosecutor's office, but Zimmerman himself contacted the special prosecutor's office without their knowledge. When special prosecutors asked Zimmerman if he had lawyers, he said he only had legal advisers, not a lawyer, according to Uhrig and Sonner.

"I'm not sure what the distinction is, but in his mind there's a distinction," Uhrig said.

"He's gone on his own. I'm not sure what he's doing or who he's talking to. I cannot go forward speaking to the public about George Zimmerman and this case as representing him because I've lost contact with him," said Sonner.

Uhrig and Sonner also revealed that Zimmerman made a call to the Sean Hannity show on Fox News over the weekend without their consent or knowledge.

"George called Sean Hannity of Fox News off the record and he was unwilling to tell us what was said," Uhrig said.

Hannity addressed the call on his show.

"Yesterday I was contacted by an individual that we in fact believe was George Zimmerman, he reached out to me, we spoke on the phone about his case and I agreed not to report on the contents of that conversation," said Hannity.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin called the press conference a "bizarre episode" that may force the special prosecutor to arrest Zimmerman to prevent him from running.

Kendall Coffey, a former U.S. Attorney in Miami, said it is unusual for attorneys to hold a news conference to explain why they no longer are representing a client.

"The lawyers have every right to withdraw, but it's highly unusual, and it will be controversial, for counsel to describe their client's erratic behavior," said Coffey, who is now in private practice. "In the court of public opinion, the press conference was not helpful for George Zimmerman."

Over the weekend, Zimmerman launched a website,, to solicit donations to help pay for his living expenses and his attorneys.

"On Sunday February 26th, I was involved in a life altering event which led me to become the subject of intense media coverage. As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life."

Under a section titled "My race," the website has a Thomas Paine quote: "The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."

While the site does not have Zimmerman's account of what happened the night of the shooting, he does write that "the facts will come to light."

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