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'Hannibal Lecter' mask for roudy inmate accused of rape and robbery

4:47 PM, Mar 22, 2011   |    comments
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  • Anthony Watson was ordered to wear a spit guard after he spit on his public defender in court.


Clearwater, Florida - When you act up in your jail cell and spit on your public defender, what do you get? A Hannibal Lecter-style mask. It's actually a spit guard and that's exactly what Anthony Watson will be wearing for the remainder of his trial in Pinellas County.

The ironic part is that this is actually a new trial that Watson won because he was found mentally ill and incompetent when he pleaded guilty to charges from a 1992 case.

Watson was sentenced to 160 years in prison for robbing and raping a woman in 1992 , kidnapping and robbing a second woman and then robbing a third woman. His re-trial was also granted, because they argued his sentence was too long.

Jail deputies say Watson has also been acting up in his jail cell. For the first day of jury selection he was found naked on top of the sink and had to be restrained for court.

Watson also appeared to be sedated and kept his head on the wall and eyes closed through much of the proceedings. He is required to be there for some of his trial.

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