High school student killed in car crash

7:37 AM, Sep 24, 2007   |    comments
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Winter Haven, Florida - News of 17-year-old Morgan Brown's death was just too much to bear. About 20 of her closest friends and family members gathered on Sunday evening at the Eagle Lake Boat ramp to console each other saying they cannot believe Brown is gone.

Bridget Brown is Morgan's cousin and said. "They said that she died instantly." "She always made me laugh even in my saddest moments. I promise you she always made me laugh and my Mom and her Dad and everybody. Even when she was sad at the time all she cared about was making everybody else happy."

Brown was killed in a car accident Saturday night around 11 in Lake Wales at West Lake Wales Road South and State Road 60. According to Florida highway patrol the driver of the car that she was in didn't stop at the stop sign and was hit by another car. Three other teens inside the car had to be rushed to the hospital.

Daniel Baldwin said he can remember exactly how he felt when he learned the news. "I was shocked. Just like it was unreal crazy to me. I didn't believe it but I had to."

Heather Hobbs is Morgan's best friend and said with tears in her eyes, "She's a good person she loved my Mom and my Mom loves her and she's just a good person. I mean I love that girl. When I found out? It hit me hard."

Friends say Morgan was in ROTC at high school. They say she was outgoing and fun to be around. Tiffany Buhr said, "We used to go out and ride four wheelers and play in the mud and have fun in school and eat lunch."

In fact some of these teenagers say they could have been in the car with Morgan when it happened because many of them were also out four wheeling at local mud holes before the accident.

Hobbs said "It's just the main thing that we usually do every weekend."

The other teens hurt in the crash are 18-year-old Tiffany Pitts. Troopers say she was the driver of the 1995 Pontiac. Friends say she has a broken neck. 16-year-old Shannon Pitts suffered a broken wrist and 16-year-old Laura Mallette is in intensive care.

The driver of the other car, 24-year-old Reyes Cortez de la Cruz was also rushed to an area hospital.

Tammie Fields, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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