Travelers finding other ways home as more flights cancelled at TIA

10:21 PM, Jan 3, 2014   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- While the sun came out for many of parts of the Bay area Friday, a big cloud was looming over Tampa International Airport as more than 30 flights were cancelled and more than 50 delayed.

However, it's a small number compared to the 1,900 flights that have been cancelled nationwide.

But Tampa travelers say it's still a nightmare.

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"We have to search for a car," says Turant Wang, a traveler who, along with six other people, is trying to head to New York 

"We had a flight to JFK. It was cancelled," says Wang.

The next available flight not until Jan. 7, which is a long time to be stuck in Tampa. 

"We have to wait seven days. That's so late for us. We have to work," says Wang.

So instead, this group is going to hit the road instead of the air and drive to New York. 

"20 hours in two days. Maybe we'll see some cities," says Wang.

"This is really frustrating," says Brian Barrows, who's flight was cancelled as well. "We're trying to get to Washington D.C."

But instead of heading home to colder temps, he'll just weather the storm for the next four days here in Tampa.

If you are travelling, you can check your flight status here.

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