Coyotes create problems in Odessa neighborhood

7:37 PM, Sep 16, 2013   |    comments
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Odessa, Florida -- Andres Mamontoff, who lives on Hutchinson Road, has nine sheep. But that's two less than he had just a few months ago, after coyotes jumped a nearly four-foot-high fence and killed the pair of sheep.

"It was definitely a very difficult time because I feel responsible for the animal and to have it killed, two killed, in one night was... pretty bad," Mamontoff told 10 News.

Until a few years ago, reports of coyotes in the Odessa area were uncommon. But now Jim Swain, the president of the Lake Keystone Property Owners Association says that's not the case. Swain, who had a cat killed by a coyote, says he's heard from several people in the area who have lost a family pet to coyotes.

Swain, Mamontoff and others are now calling on state and county officials to start trapping, or hunting, the coyotes.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission plans on meeting with residents next month to discuss the problem. But Mamontoff fears if nothing is done, eventually, the coyotes will attack more than just his sheep.

"Because an animal, if it becomes too friendly with humans, eventually it will attack humans," he said on Monday.

And that's something Momontoff desperately wants to avoid.

"There have been attacks to babies so it's on the record, I think it's not worth trying to find out whether it can happen or not (here)."

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