Bay area man loses weight to improve health conditions before its too late

5:34 PM, Sep 14, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, FL -- After decades of serving patients at the hospital, George Rodriguez found himself needing some help of his own.

"You got to help yourself before you can help anybody else," he said.

George has been managing multiple medical conditions throughout the years. He has received treatment for diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and back pain. He's also undergone several surgeries.

The 59-year-old's poor health conditions forced him into long-term disability, which motivated George to change his life.

With the support of his wife and some help from Cigna healthcare, George used exercise to jumpstart his weight loss.

"Our counselors help to give people anything they need. If it's equipment, counseling sessions, just talk with them about their goals," said Ryan Bruce, Cigna Health.

So far, George has lost 40 lbs. and he's conquering life-long goals that he never thought he could achieve.

"I don't think I've ever walked two miles let alone five miles all in one shot. But this here I show it to everybody. This is my medal.  After all of these years, I'm 59 years old and now I come and get a medal," said George.

The proud runner finished his first 5-mile race, one of several "to-do's" on George's bucket list.

"Oh, man, when me and Mark crossed that finish line we were just jumping for joy," said George.

As he continues to pace himself for the marathon of life that lies ahead, George said his journey is far from complete, but admits that he's taking steps in the right direction. 

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