Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman admits to oversleeping on team photo day

12:04 AM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, FL-- Bucs' quarterback Josh Freeman admitted that he overslept, and missed the team photo last week.

It was just one of three troublesome topics Bucs' players and coaches had to deal with on Thursday.

"The position of quarterback is a position of leadership," Freeman told reporters. "And obviously missing the team photo is a big deal... It's interesting, the reaction of my teammates... They're cool... I think they listen to you guys (media) a lot more than I do."

Freeman is gaining a reputation of not being on time for various events. In June, he was three hours late for his own football camp, at Wesley Chapel High School. Teammate Vincent Jackson was there, and took over Freeman's role of leading the camp and talking to the kids.

"It's on every individual here, to be on time for everything that you go to," said Captain Davin Joseph.  "I'm not saying Josh was late or something, but it's on every individual here to his job. And I think Josh does a damn good job of doing his job."

Most Bucs' players supported Freeman on Thursday.

Greg Schiano and the players also confirmed that there was a players-only meeting before the Jets' game.  Special teams captain Andrew Economos characterized it as more of a pep rally.

And several players said the topic of the team captains' vote being rigged, never came up.

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