Bay area couple under inestigation for tax fraud, assets seized

1:47 PM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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Riverview, Florida -- Thousands of dollars in assets were seized from a Bay area couple believed to be involved in tax fraud.

According to reports, the couple had motorcycles, four wheelers, cars, expensive clothes, big screen TV's and stacks of debit cards.

Hillsborough County corporal Bruce Crumpler says this is a crime he sees everyday.

"What people don't understand is its a paper trail," said Crumpler. "We may not catch you today we may not catch you tomorrow but when we do catch you you can't erase the paper trail and we can go back as far as we need to to catch up to it and that's what his case is."

Reportedly, the family is also living on the government's dime. 

"You get in section 8 housing which is designed for people who need it and its being abused and on top of it now you're stealing from the government with thousands of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money," said Crumpler.

The suspects have not been arrested but will continue to be questioned. 

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