Plea deal scheduled for John Welden, man accused of 'abortion pill' trick

11:08 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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John Andrew Welden, 28, pictured with Remee Jo Lee, 26. Welden was convicted of secretly giving Lee, who was pregnant, a pill that caused her to miscarry. (Courtesy Gil Sanchez Valencia)

Tampa, Florida-- New information surfaced Friday about the Tampa man accused of slipping an abortion pill to his pregnant ex-girlfriend saying a plea deal is in the works. 

A hearing is scheduled for Monday where John Weldon would agree to plead guilty to product tampering and mail fraud.

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The Plea agreement filed Friday also implicates an unidentified employee of Sunlake Pharmacy.

If the deal is accepted, Welden would be released from murder charge of an unborn child.

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