USF to reinstate library hours

11:53 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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Video: USF to reinstate library hours

USF Student Govt. President William Warmke speaks to the media Thursday, Sept. 5 on the library hours decision.



Tampa, Florida -- Students spoke and USF listened. After working with university officials for the past week, the Student Government announced Thursday the two sides have come to a deal.

"I think it's a wonderful outcome to a difficult process," said Tim Miller, interim vice president of Student Affairs at the University of South Florida.

The school had cut back on overnight library hours last week in an effort to save about $135,000 a year. But students weren't happy about it and they staged a sit-out and signed hundreds of petitions opposing the move.

Many students complained that the school was taking away their haven for studying.

"I have class all day, then I have work, then I'm tired at the end of the day, and if I study within 10 feet of my bed I'm going to probably fall asleep," said student Dwayne Dennis, who participated in the campaign to get the library hours reinstated.

USF provost's office said it will comb through its budget to find reoccurring money to cover the overnight expense and library staff has been instructed to start looking for overnight employees to work the shift.

And right now, there is no official word as to when the five-day-a-week overnight hours will resume, but school officials expect it to happen sometime next week.

"If you want grades to kind of stay where they're at or maybe even improve, I feel like a conducive learning environment is more important that say an extra event for the rush week," said student Kevin McCarthy.

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