Tarpon Springs Police detective John Loibl resigns after affair with probationer

12:02 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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Tarpon Springs, Florida -- A detective with the Tarpon Springs Police Department has resigned after investigators discovered he was having an affair with a probationer.

Detective John Loibl, who had been with the department since 2005, resigned on Aug. 13 while he was under investigation for violations of the department's policy on moral character.

That investigation -- which continued after Loibl's resignation -- was looking into allegations that Loibl was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a female probationer named Nickole Carter and that he brought her to the local Tarpon Springs Probation and Parole Office for her monthly meeting in his unmarked police vehicle, and that he may have driven her out of the country in the same vehicle.

During the Internal Affairs investigation, it was discovered that Detecive Loibl met Carter in 2010 while they were standing in line for a ride at Busch Gardens. At the time, she was on probation in Tampa for a charge of possession of a controlled substance. The two began a friendship which developed into an intimate relationship. Detective Loibl is married.

Investigators say in October of 2012, Detective Loibl helped find Carter a place to stay and a job in Tarpon Springs. He would stop by her trailer in an unmarked car while he was on duty and they would engage in a sexual relationship.

Investigators also said Detective Loibl would take Carter to her appointments with her probation officer in his unmarked police car. On one such visit in July 2013, the probation officer noticed Detective Loibl in his car and approached him, believing he was an ex-boyfriend of Carter who she was not permitted to be around. The officer recognized Loibl, who claimed he was Carter's cousin and asked the probation officer not to say anything to anyone at the police department because he had called in sick that day. Records show Loibl did call out sick on July 26, 2013.

The probation officer said Carter eventually admitted her relationship with Detective Loibl, saying that she is the detective's "mistress". The investigation began after the probation officer informed Sergeant Miller at TSPD.

The just-concluded investigation found there was enough evidence to justify firing Detective Loibl had he not resigned. Those findings have now been sent to FDLE's Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission for their review.

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