Wednesday's Child: Logan

2:17 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- The studies prove it. Most teens in foster care who are adopted before they age out of the system are kids who have a fighting chance to make it. They graduate, are able to find jobs and make a way for themselves. 

Some children, like 16-year-old Logan, are already on the right track, they just need a family to cheer them on. 

Logan is from Russia and just recently became a U.S. citizen. He's a smart kid who loves sports cars.

10 News asked Dathan Senn, of Boulevard Customs, to help us surprise Logan with the chance of a lifetime to take a tour of its facility in St. Petersburg. It's the place where professional athletes, entertainers and car lovers alike take their rides to get the custom touches to take their vehicles to the next level.

Senn tells Logan, "We've got some of our power line cars on display. This is the one we built. It's an RX-7 custom everything: audio, interior, wheels and paint."

Next it's on to check out the Ferrari -- a 1987 Testarossa.

Then Logan's is allowed to go where all the hot cars are camped out for their custom work which is the garage where a Ferrari California is parked. Logan says he feels right at home when Dathan allows him to get inside the car. Logan is loving this opportunity and only wishes he had a forever family to share it all with -- someone at home to talk shop with.

"I've seen all these cars -- but I've seen them on TV. Not actually in person," he says.

Logan says he's just amazed at the process.

"All the hours and man hours they put into them -- they're just immaculate -- I couldn't even think of doing it."

But what Logan does think about just about each day is what his forever family might be like. They have to be supportive. 

"Just pretty much like going on family vacations...doing stuff together...having stuff to do...learning stuff that I didn't know," he says. 

Logan admits he's very independent. He has his own lawn mower business to make money -- but he says he's tired of foster care and ready for a forever family. 

"It's not like I can be independent all the time. I can't always be independent I've got to have help."

To learn more about Logan, call Connie Going at 727 456-0600, ext. 2018.

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