Manatee High School assistant football coach Rod Frazier arrested on 10 charges

4:23 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
Rod Frazier is a parent liaison and running backs coach at football powerhouse Manatee High School.
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Bradenton, Florida -- An assistant high school football coach accused of inappropriate behavior with a student has been arrested.

Rod Frazier is charged with seven counts of battery, and three counts of interference with the attendance of a school pupil in a school or classroom. All 10 charges are misdemeanors.

A Manatee High School student claims Frazier improperly touched her, and once asked her for a naked picture.  

"When I would leave and give him a hug, he would grab my butt and he would pick me up by my butt," the now 18-year-old previously told 10 News.

The girl also said Frazier would regularly pull her out of class to spend time in his office, and he would constantly call and text her and tell her he loved her.

Frazier has been on paid leave from the Manatee County School District since February 8 after it was revealed Bradenton Police were investigating the coach. 

Frazier's attorney tells 10 News his client will enter a not guilty plea to all charges.

"This is a simple battery and out of all this... we're dealing with misdemeanors," says attorney Ed Mulock. Based on the publicity of this case, he says "You would think he was a murderer, a rapist or he had sex with a minor." 

Mullock adds, "It's just astonishing to me that we're going to see this in misdemeanor court."

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