Video on Instagram, an everyday user's review

9:30 PM, Jun 20, 2013   |    comments
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Instagram, the popular photo application for smartphones, launched a video platform Thursday so users can share stories through "more than just a static image."

The app's co-founder, Kevin Systrom, explained the new feature on the Instagram blog Thursday, and said he and his team are "thrilled" with the launch.

Being an avid Instagrammer myself, I had to test it out! I found features I thought were "great", and others "in need of an update", and listed those below. 

What's "Great":

-Easy to use: The new features are self-explanatory, and most will probably need little-to-no instruction to get the hang of it.

-Vine-like: If you're hip to the other relatively new video app, Vine, then you'll find that Instagram incorporated its best features, and even made some improvements. 

  • Recording starts by holding down the camera button, and stops by letting go. But if you want to start again, you can! You have up to 15 seconds to fill with as many, or as few clips, as you like.

-Make a mistake?: If you don't like a clip when recording more than one, Video on Instagram allows you to delete your blooper without affecting any before it that you want to keep. 

-Flip it: Video on Instagram allows you to use forward and front-facing cameras, and since you can stop and start recording, you can even use them in the same post.

-New filters: Let's face it, filters are awesome! Minimal effort makes major impacts to any old pics, so regular Joe's photos seem like something from a pro...and now they're available for video.

  • After you finish recording and hit "next", you'll find a selection of 13 new filters- all separate from, but similar to the ones we already know and love.

-Flattering freeze frame!: Ever upload a video and realize the thumbnail is your face... frozen in what is likely the most unflattering position possible? #awkward...But not anymore! Right before you save and upload, Video on Instagram lets you choose your favorite still frame.

What's "In need of an update":

-Vine not so fine: In keeping with the vine-like aspect, having to hold down the button the entire time you're recording makes for quite the close-up selfie shot if you happen to be shooting one.

-Sorry you're sideways: Video on Instagram does not give you an option to rotate your recordings. If you hold your smartphone horizontally while shooting, you're stuck sideways! This limits you to shooting vertically only.

-Follower filters: Not only are the filters very similar to the ones for photos, they're also pretty similar to one another. In my opinion, it would be better to have some video variety!

The above bullets are only my opinion! If you've used the app, join our conversation on Facebook to tell us what you think too!

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