Crumbling seawall on Carolina Circle in St. Pete creates hazard, worries neighbors

5:47 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- Homes on Carolina Circle have million dollar views, but right along with the water, Loida Pearson has a front row seat to a mighty mess.

"That's the least of our worries is to have something ugly to look at," says Pearson standing by her fence.

The big problems behind the home at 2010 Carolina Circle NE started last year during Tropical Storm Debby. The same waves that took their toll on the beaches and seawalls throughout the area collapsed the seawall behind the home and Doug Pearson watched it happen.

"It went right over," says Pearson, gesturing with his hand. "And it just got worse and worse."

Court records indicate the 2010 property is in the foreclosure process and neighbors say no one has lived in the house for about a year.

The Pearsons say city officials told them months ago that the house would be torn down and the seawall stabilized. There has been some work done by the city on the seawall, but it has not stopped the collapse. Now much of the home's deck and pool is in Tampa Bay.

"It's going on a year and it just seems like no one knows what's going on," says a clearly frustrated Loida.

And the continued collapse and erosion is starting to cause problems on the Pearson's property. You can already spot several dips in their brick deck. 

"It's going to further erode up towards our property line and cause more problems on our side," says Doug.

But worry about the seawall flows well beyond property lines. Steve Cropper of the neighborhood association calls the house a hazard. The fence to the back is not secure and the crumbling concrete has already attracted curious kids.

"A kid could just pry his way through there and go back there and slip and concrete crumbles on top of them and that's a whole other issue we've got to deal with," says Cropper.

Information on what's going to happen to the property and the city's responsibility was hard to come by on Wednesday. 10 News made several calls to the city code enforcement department, but received no response. However, at our request, Councilman Bill Dudley, who represents Venetian Isles, was able to find out that the head of the building department was coming out on Friday morning to once again assess the situation and late on Wednesday, a city spokesperson confirmed that information.

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