Silver, blue & Red Bull- Did new flavors give us wings?

8:42 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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  • New "Red Bull Editions"- cranberry, lime and blueberry

Tampa, Florida-- An average breaking news day is filled with fast-paced movements, flying papers, quick conversations on coverage, and rapid clicking of keyboards as we report information as speedily (and as accurately) as possible.

The environment can stay that way for hours, and even though we here at 10 News have super-human stamina, we owe some (a lot) of credit to a great friend of ours- caffeine. 

So, when the 10 News Taste Testers were given the chance to try Red Bull's newest energy drink flavors, "The Red Bull Editions", they jumped at the opportunity. 

The video above shows their taste test of three drinks over three hours. The team determined which flavor they favored, and how many would "give them wings". 

*Note: We do not encourage anyone to try this at home*

"Blue Edition": Mike and Atish were not fond of the flavor, but Taylor and Kip were happy to hop on the blueberry bandwagon. All agreed it was an upgrade from regular Red Bull.

  • 1 hour mark: One can down and energy-levels all around saw a subtle spike, but nothing significant.

    "Red Edition": Three thumbs-up, one thumbs-down as Mike compared the cranberry-flavored drink to cough medicine, and Kip called it "Ocean Spray with a little kick."
  • 1.5 hour mark: 1.5 - 2 cans consumed and energy levels ranged. Atish described his feeling as "woooo!", while Kip said he still felt fine. **Mike bowed out at this point saying he didn't like the drinks and feared consuming that much caffeine**

    "Silver Edition"With Mike out of the picture, the lime-flavored "Silver Edition" received rave reviews.
  • 2 hour mark: Entering the third hour, the team felt energized, but "fine" enough to enjoy the last drink over the next hour.

    Nutrition InfoAccording to the Red Bull, each drink has 110 calories, 80 mg of caffeine, and 27 g of sugar. They're made with, "the same high quality ingredients as Red Bull Energy Drink" with the added flavor.

Bottom line: The "Silver Edition" seemed to be the favorite. We'd say one definitely gave us wings, so keep it safe and stick to that when trying this on your own!

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