Making a Difference through a loss

6:14 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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Plant City, Florida -- "The Doctor told me they were identical twins," said Danielle Dunn. She and her husband found out at 18 weeks that she was expecting twin boys.

But soon after that the boys were diagnosed with Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

"What should have been a celebration and getting to share with our family -- yay they're boys -- also became this fearful thing of, maybe both of my babies are not going to make it or possibly both."

Doctor Craig Kalter, from Florida Perinatal Associates, monitored the twins. He says TTTS affects one in 10 twin pregnancies. 

"One baby ends up with extra nutrients, extra blood, extra fluid and the other baby unfortunately doesn't get the nutrition it needs so it's often smaller."

Danielle and her husband flew to Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio for a complicated laser surgery.

"They seed the blood vessels that are linking the twins and they can close those vessels and cut off the blood flow of one twin to the other twin," Dr. Kalter explained.

Unfortunately, baby Karter didn't make it. Kolten survived and is now 8 months old. And, Dunn is sharing her story to help other parents in the same situation.

"The main goal is to help raise awareness but to also raise funds for the foundation and to be able to help other families," added Dunn.

On April 13, the Dunn family and many others will be taking part in a TTTS BBQ Dinner Fundraiser at the Hillsborough County Cattleman's Building, located at 6404 County Rd. 39 in Plant City. 

They will be selling baked goods, shirts, raffle tickets, and other items at the event. 

For more information and to purchase your dinner tickets, call (813) 478-0722. (Dinner tickets will be pre-sold only.) Or on Facebook, click here.

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